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Adjusting the Volume on Your Hearing Device

Adjusting the Volume on Your Hearing Device

Hearing aids are truly miraculous little devices that can help vastly improve your daily hearing experience in a variety of environmental settings. Be it a busy street or a quiet café, hearing aids can help you adjust with ease to all the varying degrees of noise in your daily life.

Hearing aids not only help you hear, they also make your hearing experience comfortable, so that you can hear gentle sounds such as the sigh of your partner, as well as modulated loud sounds that do not hurt your ears, such as the blender.

As useful as hearing aids can be, sometimes it can be quite a hassle having to manually adjust the volume settings on them based on your environment. Thankfully, contemporary hearing aids have memory settings and can easily be programmed to remember your personalized volume preferences. This helps your hearing aids automatically increase or decrease the volume based on preprogrammed settings according to your prerecorded environment.

Imagine having your hearing aids automatically lower the volume of your hearing aids while you are at a noisy restaurant while increasing the volume automatically when you are in a conversation with a loved one. You can now save these desired settings for your convenience.

Several modern hearing aids come with switches, wheels, or buttons that help you modulate the volume yourself. You can have your audiologist configure these buttons to include memory functions and automatic volume adjustment.

We live in a digital age, where there is a mobile application for pretty much everything! If you have a smartphone, you can get hearing aids that can easily sync in with your phone. This helps you use your smartphone to configure your hearing aid volume settings remotely using an application on your cellphone. You can even use these applications to modulate the volume on invisible hearing devices as well. Talk to your audiologist about getting smartphone-friendly hearing aids and ask them about the compatible applications.

In case you are not all that technologically savvy, you can also get an additional accessory for your hearing aid to help you control the volume settings. These accessories primarily include a remote control that can help you adjust your volume with ease without having to fiddle with fiddly switches on your hearing aid. This remote control can be especially helpful for those with dexterity issues.

Hearing using your hearing aids can truly be a wonderful experience, as long as you equip yourself with the best possible technological advancements and accessories. Talk to your audiologist today about getting hearing aids that are compatible with smartphones. Alternatively, you can opt for a remote control to help modulate your volume settings without ever having to touch your hearing aid directly.

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