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Advantages of Getting Hearing Aids

Advantages of Getting Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a common problem in America. Unfortunately, only 20% of those with hearing loss wear hearing aids; this means the majority of people with hearing loss are left untreated. It can take an average American a decade before they finally seek help for their hearing loss, and lack of treatment puts them at several health risks.

People are often reluctant to get hearing aids because they are often unaware of how beneficial they can be. It might be helpful to become aware of the benefits of using hearing aids so that you or your loved ones with hearing loss no longer have to suffer in silence.

Wearing hearing aids can actually help improve your annual income in the workplace, according to a recent study by Better Hearing Institute. This is because hearing aids help you hear better, thereby improving your efficiency at work. It helps boost your communication skills and your professional relationships, thereby enhancing your chances of earning to your true potential.

Those with untreated hearing loss lose an average annual income of around $30,000. This is a significant loss that can easily be avoided once you choose to get hearing aids. In fact, wearing hearing aids reduces your chances of losing your income by around 90%. This is true for those with moderate hearing loss who seek timely treatment. Those with severe untreated hearing loss earn about $14,000 less than those with mild hearing impairment.

Apart from a boost in your annual income, hearing aids can also help eliminate the discomfort people face due to tinnitus. Around 10% of Americans suffer from a ringing sensation in the ears which is called tinnitus. Hearing aids come with settings that can help disguise the ringing sound and make tinnitus more bearable. This will help improve your focus and help you go about your daily life with ease.

People with hearing aids also report an enhanced emotional sense of well-being. Hearing loss can cause strain in interpersonal relationships due to breakdown in communication and social isolation. Hearing loss can help restore estranged relationships by helping you tune into your partner’s needs with more efficiency since you can hear them better. You can also become an active participant at dinner parties once more and enjoy time with your friends and loved ones without fearing being left out due to your hearing loss.

Hearing aids also help keep you safe by helping you identify potential hazardous sounds in your immediate environment. Hearing loss often robs you of your ability to detect threats such as sirens, alarms, smoke detectors, etc. This puts you and your family at risk of potential danger. Once you get hearing aids, you will be able to identify these threats with ease and be able to keep yourself and your family out of harm’s way.

Untreated hearing loss has been shown to bring about cognitive decline, dementia, and even stroke. Once you get hearing aids your brain will be able to process sounds at a quicker rate. This helps reduce the fatigue and strain on the brain which is caused by the inability to hear sound signals properly due to hearing loss. A less tired brain means improved cognitive skills and a healthier future for you. Talk to your audiologist about getting hearing aids today!

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