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Experiencing Mixed Forms of Hearing Damage

Experiencing Mixed Forms of Hearing Damage

Hearing loss is a common problem but mixed hearing loss refers to difficulty in hearing that results from problems in multiple parts of the ear; the outer, middle and inner ear. It refers to a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing damage.

Several causes for mixed hearing loss can be identified. Be it genetic predisposition, physical trauma, viral infections, or simply aging, mixed hearing loss can occur at any point in time to any individual. Treatment for hearing loss can vary depending on the hearing requirements of the individual. A common treatment is the use of hearing aids which can amplify sounds to help eliminate hearing loss.

When it comes to mixed hearing loss, most of the medical professionals recommend treating conductive forms of hearing loss before dealing with the sensorineural aspect. Sensorineural hearing loss is successfully rectified through the use of hearing aids. Surgical treatments and medication can be used to treat conductive hearing loss. A combination of both treatment methods are recommended in order to help relieve mixed hearing loss.

Conductive hearing loss results from physical trauma to the ears or some type of illness. These can often be treated by a medical professional through medications or some types of surgery if necessary. Surgery is required in cases where there are physical abnormalities within the ear structure itself, such as the nonexistence of ear canals or deformities within the structures in the inner or middle ear.

No matter what type of hearing loss you have, seeking the help of a hearing care professional can help rectify it. Hearing loss of any kind has a wide variety of treatment options available and early detection can lead to a better prognosis. Get your hearing tested today and enjoy the enhanced quality of your life that results from improved hearing abilities.

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