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Headphones to be used in Collaboration with Hearing Aids

Headphones to be used in Collaboration with Hearing Aids

If you wear hearing aids, you may have trouble finding a pair of headphones that fit comfortably. Even if you find a good pair of headphones, you may still face feedback that travels from your headphones to your hearing aids.

Wearing hearing aids should not stop you from enjoying your favorite music using your headphones. It is a simple matter of finding the perfect headphones that suit your unique hearing needs. There are various headphones available in the market, and you can always find one that is ideal for your specific needs. Always remember that removing your hearing aids to wear your headphones is never a good idea. This is because you may keep increasing the volume to unsafe levels, which may increase your hearing loss.

Thanks to modern technology, we can now use headphones that no longer need to be placed upon our ears. With bone conducting technology, these headphones are placed on a bone that is directly in front of the ear, with a piece of it sitting at the base of your head. Bone conducting headphones are extremely portable and light. They are resistant to moisture, thus reduce the chances of sweat accumulation near your head. These headphones are ideal for those who wear hearing aids that are placed directly inside the ear or in the ear canal.

The next kinds of headphones are the ones that are worn on the ear. These headphones are definitely more handy and lightweight compared to the ones that are worn over the ears. These types of headphones that are worn on the ear tend to be a good fit for those wearing hearing aids that are placed inside the ear canal, including invisible hearing aids. Feedback may be an issue, which is why it is best to try them out before purchasing them. Make sure they fit snugly into your ear to prevent any background noise from entering the ears and into your hearing aids.

Over the ear headphones are another good option. These headphones have noise-cancellation capabilities and are considered to be the safest and best option for your ears. They are ideal for those who wear hearing aids in the ear, inside the ear canal, completely inside the ear canal, as well as invisible hearing aids. In case you wear hearing aids fitted behind the ear, make sure you choose a model that can be placed over your ear at a safe distance (at least 1cm) from the microphone of your hearing aid to prevent feedback and get an enhanced sound quality.

It is important to note that certain noise-cancelling headphones tend to emit a faint hissing sound that is often picked up b the sensitive microphones of hearing aids. Always try out these headphones before you choose to buy them.

No matter what headphones you choose, it is best to try them out for a few days before you make a final purchase. Get a pair of headphones with a money-back guarantee in case you choose to return them. Always buy headphones from reputed stores instead of getting cheaper ones online. This way you can try before you buy, as well as rest assured as to the sound quality that they provide.

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