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Hearing Aid Settings

Hearing Aid Settings

Hearing aids are specifically programmed to suit the needs of each individual user. Adjustments in volume, intensity, frequency, and microphone intake can be made by audiologists based on the personal preferences of the user.

During your first hearing trials, your audiologist will use the real-ear probe device, which is used to gauge how much sound is genuinely passing from your hearing aid into your inner ear.

After this trial is complete, the audiologist will combine your particular level of hearing with a visual mapping device that shows the manner in which your brain is being exposed to environmental auditory stimuli and ways in which it is processing and interpreting those sound signals.

The compiled data is then used to program your hearing aids so that your specific hearing weak points can be adequately addressed. After the hearing aids have been programmed to the appropriate levels, surround sound technology is often used to stimulate the user’s hearing in order to duplicate various real-life environmental settings that the user will encounter in their daily life.

This simulative experience gives you a realistic impression of what it would be like to use your hearing aids in the real world and enables you to readjust your hearing abilities to manage your new hearing experience.

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