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Hearing Loss Affects Cognitive Abilities

Hearing Loss Affects Cognitive Abilities

Hearing loss has been shown to have a link with decreased cognitive abilities. Damaged hearing places additional strain on the brain, which over time can lead to deterioration in cognitive skills and gives rise to problems like dementia with age.

Social withdrawal and isolation is a part of hearing loss. Several people feel left out during social events because of their hearing loss. As a result, they do not socialize as much and tend to spend more time at home alone. With time, this isolation can cause deterioration in parts of the brain that are responsible for communication, speech, and even memory.

A recent research study reported that people with hearing loss scored significantly lower in cognitive tests. These low scores were particularly pronounced in those with hearing loss that did not use hearing aids. Those who used hearing aids to treat their hearing loss were not found to have any increased likelihood of developing cognitive deterioration.

Those with untreated hearing loss have also been found in numerous other studies to have an increased risk of developing dementia as they age. Hearing aid use also tends to lead to lowered risk of developing dementia in hearing impaired individuals.

Hearing aids can help improve the quality of life of those with hearing loss. Thanks to hearing aids, people with hearing loss become increasingly social as they are able to reconnect with their friends and loved ones. They are able to hear conversations better and show improvement in their level of communication. Increased socializing means decreased chances of suffering from cognitive decline.

Having hearing aids can really change your life for the better. You can feel more connected with your partner and family as you are able to hear them better. Your work productivity may also improve since you are able to hear instructions more clearly, which will also have a positive impact on your earning capacity. Your social life may also improve since your friends and loved ones will be able to reconnect with you and you will be able to become an active participant in conversations. If you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss, talk to an audiologist about getting hearing aids today.

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