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Hearing Loss Has Adverse Side Effects

Hearing Loss Has Adverse Side Effects

We may think about hearing loss as a problem that only affects our ears, when in reality it affects our entire life. Our physical and mental health suffers with untreated hearing loss. Our personal and professional relationships also take a hit due to hearing loss.

Hearing loss leads to decline in your cognitive abilities. Your memory and even your ability to communicate may deteriorate due to hearing loss. With time, you may even suffer severe health ailments such as dementia and stroke.

Research suggests that the rate of cognitive deterioration is 40% higher in those who have hearing loss compared to those with normal hearing. The chance of developing Alzheimer’s is also significantly higher due to the strain placed on the brain as a result of hearing loss.

Another problem that occurs with hearing loss is the problem with your digestive system. This can include problems such as diarrhea, indigestion, stomach cramps, and tension in the abdominal muscles. This occurs due to the stress of being unable to hear and having to concentrate on simple tasks such as making sense of a regular conversation.

You may even suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, fistula, and piles due to hearing loss for the same reasons as the ones mentioned above.

It is widely known that hearing loss also takes its toll on mental health. Those with hearing loss have higher rates of depression. This occurrence is more prevalent in women who are aged between 18 and 69. Hearing loss may lead to mood swings, anger, irritability, paranoia and pessimism. This occurs due to the social withdrawal and loneliness that results from hearing loss.

Your personal and professional relationships suffer due to hearing loss since your communication skills are hampered. Your performance in the workplace may also deteriorate due to the same reasons. It is important to take good care of your hearing health and seek timely intervention of an audiologist in case you feel you have hearing loss.

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