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Hearing Loss that Occurs Abruptly

Hearing Loss that Occurs Abruptly

We often take our hearing for granted, and it can be quite scary if we are suddenly unable to hear the world around us. Imagine going to bed at night with perfect hearing and waking up the next day being unable to hear properly. This can happen to anyone at any point in their lifetime, due to sudden hearing damage.

We are often told that hearing loss takes place gradually as the process of aging damages the delicate hair cells within the inner ear. This is not always the case, especially if you have been exposed to dangerous levels of loud noises in a short period of time.

People with sudden hearing damage can suffer anywhere between a mild to severe level. This type of hearing loss can be temporary, but in some cases it may be permanent. People often report having tinnitus in conjunction with sudden loss of hearing.

Sudden loss of hearing results from a number of factors. Sometimes it can be a result of a physical trauma which causes damage to the head, neck, or ears. In other cases it may result from an illness which restricts the blood flow to the ears. These include sinus or viral infections, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or even stress.

Sometimes, hearing loss may occur simply due to too much earwax clogging up the ear canal. This can be easily remedied by having your ears cleaned by a medical professional. Ear infections can also be treated easily by a medical professional to alleviate hearing loss due to infectious disease.

Having sudden hearing damage is not always painful, but in case you do notice any pain or discomfort in the ears, make sure you talk to a doctor immediately. Early medical intervention may help retain some or all of your hearing, but any delay can cost you your hearing entirely.

In some cases, sudden hearing damage can occur due to being exposed to an unsafe level of loud noise, such as a bomb explosion, a gunshot, or any sound level that exceeds 100dB. This is why it is important to keep your ears safe by engaging in auditory protection. Always wear ear plugs or ear muffs before exposing yourself to loud noises. While listening to music, do so at lower volumes to prevent any hearing damage, and use noise-cancelling headphones to eliminate background noise.

Pay attention to the symptoms of sudden hearing loss. You may experience dizziness, a numb sensation near the ear, tinnitus, and muffled hearing. If you feel these symptoms fit what you are experiencing, make sure you get your hearing tested by an audiologist to check for hearing loss.

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