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Ignored Signs of Hearing Loss

Ignored Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss rarely occurs overnight; it is a gradual process that can often occur over the span of years. This is why early warning signs are often neglected and dismissed as temporary problems, primarily because hearing loss is thought to be a problem of the elderly. Even though this is true, since 1 in 3 people aged above 65 do indeed have some form of hearing loss, problems with hearing can affect anyone at any point in time.

People take hearing loss rather lightly because they find it to be simply an annoying problem with no significant side effects. On the contrary, hearing loss can lead to severe physiological and psychological health problems. Ranging from cardiovascular disease to depression, several health problems result due to hearing loss. Moreover, hearing loss makes you and your loved ones prone to dangers that go unheard as a result of your hearing problem, such as alarms and sirens.

The beginnings of hearing loss often go undetected since you continue to hear majority of what is going on in your surroundings. However, if you are unable to hear certain parts of your daily conversations, if you have trouble listening to people amidst background noise and often ask others to repeat what they said, these are all signs that you may have early signs of hearing loss.

Other signs of early hearing loss include feeling as though people are speaking too quickly or too low in volume. You may feel as though some sounds appear overly high or low in pitch, and may even experience a ringing sensation in the ears. You may find others complaining that the volume on your television is too high for them. All of these are early warning signs that you may be suffering from some form of hearing impairment.

Hearing loss is a permanent problem and has no cure. The only thing to do is prevent it as best as you can, using protective hearing gear when you attend loud recreational activities. Treatment options of hearing loss include hearing aids that can help amplify sounds to help you hear properly. If you feel uneasy and are able to relate to some of the warning signs mentioned above, get your hearing tested immediately by a hearing care professional. Early detection can help minimize any damage that is caused and can help you find your way back to the sounds that you may be missing out on due to hearing loss.

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