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Increased Body Weight Increases Your Chances of Developing Hearing Loss

Increased Body Weight Increases Your Chances of Developing Hearing Loss

We all want to lose weight, be it for personal vanity, a need for physical fitness, or for other health reasons. Recent research suggests that we may also benefit from losing weight because obesity appears to increase our chances of developing hearing loss.

A recent study found that women who were obese had difficulty in hearing higher pitched sound levels, when compared to women with regular body weight. The findings suggest that women with obesity have a type of hearing loss that affects their ability to hear sounds in higher frequency levels, while women with normal body weight have no such problem. This study is novel in its findings that suggest a link between obesity and hearing damage.

Obesity is linked to several other health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and even stroke. All of these co-morbid health conditions are also related to hearing loss due to restricted blood circulation to the ears as well as the brain. This may also be another reason as to why women with obesity have difficulty in hearing. Ears need oxygen-rich blood supplies in order to function efficiently, and conditions such as hypertension can hamper this blood supply, resulting in hearing loss.

Losing weight has never been more important. Hearing loss is an irreversible condition, which is why it may be time to choose a healthier lifestyle in order to lose weight and stay fit. People are often tempted to cheat in order to get quicker results with the help of a cool-sounding diet. Unfortunately, these diets usually never work in the long-term and may have adverse health effects since they often involve cutting out essential nutrients such as carbohydrates or vitamins.

An effective way to lose weight and also give a healthy boost to your hearing is by exercising regularly. Even a half an hour walk can go a long way in helping you keep fit, lose weight, and keep your ears working well by giving them a healthy boost of oxygenated blood supply.

Eating any kind of food is not necessarily bad, as long as it is done in moderation. Our body needs every kind of food, even fat, as long as we are wise in our choice. Eating fish can help our body get the correct type of fats to help boost our hearing as well as heart health. Consuming more fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables can also give a boost to our hearing as well as our overall health.

Obesity adversely affects a person’s physiological health as well as psychological health. Recent research also found that obesity can hamper one’s auditory health as well. With so many disadvantages, it may be time to become proactive, lead an active lifestyle, and eat a balanced, nutritious diet. Help keep hearing loss at bay by staying fit and eating right.

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