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Medical Ailments That Might Lead to Hearing Impairment

Medical Ailments That Might Lead to Hearing Impairment

A number of medical conditions have been found to contribute to the development of hearing loss. Some of these conditions may be temporary and treatable, while others are more severe and could lead to lasting damage to one’s hearing health.

One of the common reasons for sudden onset of hearing loss is an infection. These can include a wide variety of ailments ranging from Lyme disease to tuberculosis and even meningitis. People with Lyme disease may be subjected to a ringing sensation in the ears known as tinnitus as well as hearing loss.

In order to hear properly, ears need a constant source of fresh oxygen which flows to your ears via the blood. People with poor blood circulation have difficulty transporting this oxygen to the inner ears and this can result in either partial or complete hearing loss. Conditions such as hypertension as well as diabetes can also have a negative impact on your hearing.

Serious conditions such as cancers or malignant tumors located in the ears, neck, or the brain can also affect your hearing since cancer has the ability to alter your five senses. Chemotherapy negatively impacts the ability to hear in patients with cancer who are currently undergoing treatment.

At times bad hearing is attributed to genetic conditions such as Ménière’s disease. This condition is hereditary and can be passed down from one generation to the next and tends to affect the hearing in a single ear in people aged between 20-50 years.

Certain factors hasten the onset of health problems that lead to hearing loss, so make sure you take good care of your well-being. Conditions such as obesity or dementia, and lifestyle habits such as smoking can also lead to hearing loss. If you suspect that a friend or relative is undergoing hearing loss due to health issues, make sure they get their hearing tested in a timely manner and begin treatment for their medical conditions as well.

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