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The Disadvantages of Neglecting your Hearing Loss

The Disadvantages of Neglecting your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is common in the United States, with around 38 million Americans being affected by it. Even so, it is sad that most people still wait for as long as a decade before they finally decide to seek help for it.

The primary deterrent for seeking treatment for hearing loss was found to be cost issues, as found in a recent AARP study. Older adults already have several healthcare costs to worry about, without adding hearing loss to the mix. The irony is, in order to save the minor costs of getting hearing aids, older adults may inadvertently end up spending several thousand dollars more worth in healthcare costs due to conditions exacerbated due to their untreated hearing loss.

The truth is that those who do not treat their hearing loss spend as much as 46% more in healthcare costs, compared to those who treat their hearing loss using hearing aids. Half of the people with untreated hearing loss also tend to get hospitalized more often and may often need to be readmitted to hospital even after they have been discharged. This indicates that not treating your hearing loss not only ends up costing you more, it also leads to unnecessary amounts of stress, exhaustion, and anxiety for you and your loved ones.

Hearing loss not only affects your financial status, it also affects your physiological and psychological health. In terms of physical effects, hearing loss can lead to injuries due to falling. It can also lead to cognitive deterioration, which can result in dementia over time. Untreated hearing loss can even lead to cardiovascular disease.

Psychologically, hearing loss can result in increased amounts of depression, anxiety, and even paranoia. Since hearing loss is an isolating experience, you may become socially withdrawn and your personal and professional relationships may take a toll. With so many negative effects of untreated hearing loss, it may be time to schedule that hearing exam with your audiologist.

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