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Women Are Affected by Depression Related with Hearing Impairment

Women Are Affected by Depression Related with Hearing Impairment

A recent study found that women under the age of 70 had higher chances of having depression due to suffering from hearing loss. The study indicated that around 5% of the participants with no hearing loss reported having depression, but for women who had hearing loss, the percentage of those with depression was higher than 11%.

It is interesting to note that no such difference was found in those who were completely deaf or had very little hearing left. In fact, the participants who fell in the “deaf” category had half the likelihood of being depressed compared to those with exceptional hearing.

The researchers attempt to explain this extraordinary result by suggesting that those who are deaf are more likely to be “discovered” and seek medical treatments for their hearing loss, such as cochlear implants or hearing instruments.

The researchers were unable to identify the actual cause behind the depression resulting from hearing loss. Hearing loss is generally a very perturbing and isolating condition. One reason for this increased rate of depression is that the women have trouble in various aspects of their lives as a result of their hearing loss. This includes problems with communication, which might hamper their personal and professional relationships.

No matter what the case, hearing loss is not a condition you want to take lightly, whether you are a woman or a man. If you suspect that you or someone you love may have hearing loss, seek the help of an audiologist today.

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