Phonak Bolero Marvel

Phonak Bolero Marvel

The first ever lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid

The new Marvel platform focuses on what users expect most from a first-class hearing aid - a clear, rich sound experience. This world’s first hearing technology offers the ability to stream all audio content seamlessly from iPhone®, Android™ smartphones or billions of other Bluetooth® enabled devices to both ears in stereo quality. Marvel hearing aids are also rechargeable and work with dedicated apps that allow users to experience remote hearing aid adjustments as well as real-time voice-to-text call transcription. What sets the Marvel platform in its own league is not just the individual features alone, but the combination of everything working harmoniously together. The Phonak Bolero™ M will be the first behind-the-ear (BTE) Marvel hearing aid to feature this breakthrough technology. These BTE hearing aids are for mild to severe hearing loss and two models will be available – Bolero M-M and Bolero M-PR.

Clear, rich sound

From the first fit and everyday thereafter, Marvel delivers a love at first sound listening experience.

The newest generation of the proprietary Phonak technology recognizes and automatically adapts to precisely match more listening situations than ever before. With the new AutoSense OS 3.0, developed using artificial intelligence, the Phonak Marvel is the world’s first and only hearing aid that can automatically classify streamed speech and music signals for top rated streamed sound quality.

The enhanced operating system also includes Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, which streams the full audio bandwidth in real-time and bi-directionally between both hearing aids. With this technology, you can enjoy better speech understanding in noise and less listening effort in noise.

Connects to smartphones, TVs and more

Phonak Bolero Marvel can connect directly to either iOS or Android smartphones* or other Bluetooth® enabled phones to stream any kind of audio to both ears. Calls can be answered, ended or rejected with a simple push of the button and built in microphones allow for completely hands-free conversations. Even audible phone notifications can be set to hear through the hearing aids.

Marvel works with all your wireless devices, not just your phone and also delivers stereo sound quality streaming for music, videos, e-books, podcasts and more. Use your Marvel hearing aids like wireless headphones to connect to everyday electronics for top rated streamed sound quality.

Marvel hearing aids also feature proprietary AirStream™ technology to deliver top rated streaming from any TV or stereo system . With Phonak TV Connector, a simple plug and play solution, you can enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies.

RogerDirect™ now available, allows Roger™ technology to stream directly to Marvel hearing aids without the need for an external receiver to boost hearing performance in loud noise and over distance. With Roger, you can fully participate in conversations in noisy environments such as restaurants and meetings. This major innovation makes Roger easier to use for a broader range of hearing loss, ranging from mild to profound.

Rechargeable technology

Available with rechargeable technology, Marvel hearing aids are easy to use, quick to charge, and offer a full day of hearing including streaming. The lithium ion rechargeable batteries are engineered to last you 6 years. No more hassles with disposable batteries.

Rechargeable Marvel hearing aids come with easy-to-use charging options, including the new Mini Charger case with standard USB-C charging outlet. They switch on automatically when removed from the charger and turn off when placed in the charging case.

Smart Apps

With Marvel hearing aids comes the myPhonak app with different app functions so you can address your personal needs when necessary. The Remote Control allows you to adjust & control volume & frequencies of your hearing aids, select programs for defined listening situations & create your own preferred settings for specific listening situations.

My Hearing Aids shows status information of connected hearing aids & hearing aid accessories. Hearing Diary gives you the ability to rate your hearing aid satisfaction in various environments & directly sends this feedback to your hearing care professional. Lastly, the Remote Support function allows your HCP to customize your personal listening experience in real time.

The myCall-to-Text app allows to read, in real time, what the person on the other end of the phone says. The app provides a live transcription of phone calls from the other party in more than 80 languages. You can communicate anyone, anywhere and without worrying about missing out on any part of the conversation

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  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology
  • AutoSense OS 3.0
  • Speech in Noise
  • Comfort in Noise
  • SoundRecover2
  • NoiseBlock

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