The First FDA Approved Over-the-Counter Hearing Device

Jabra Enhance Plus

Jabra Enhance Plus

Miniaturized 3-in-1 earbud for hearing enhancement, music and calls

The Jabra Enhance Plus is specifically for people who have a mild-to-moderate hearing loss who are looking to improve their hearing ability in certain social settings while still enjoying the many benefits of a connected wireless earbud.

Jabra conducted in-depth research and learned that people wanted a simplified hearing aid that is a lower-cost and accessible alternative to hearing instruments, with hearing support being just one of many benefits.

With this understanding, they developed the Jabra Enhance Plus that is a set of miniature earbuds engineered for hearing enhancement, music, and calls.

The Major Benefits Of The Jabra Enhance Plus Include:

  • Digital noise reduction to cut background noise
  • Speech-in-noise capabilities to help you to hear conversations in louder environments
  • 10 hours battery and up to 30 hours battery rechargeability when using the carry case
  • EarGels in three sizes for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Rich and clear sound for music and phone calls (just as you would expect from Jabra)

These are self-fitting devices, which means that they come with instructions and do not require the professional help of an audiologist or hearing care professional to fit. We are here to help if needed.

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